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Heat pumps are essential to the comfort of a home. The versatility of having heated or chilled air as you need it makes it all the more important. As such, it should probably be inspected regularly to ensure it works just fine on all the appliances.

Having professionals in the field is essential in the maintenance of your home. That’s exactly where we come in. With our team of technicians, we can help keep your heat pump in top shape. We also offer consultation services on the best methods and equipment for heating your home.


Reliable Heat Pump Installation and Maintenance Near You

It is all but guaranteed that a cold spell is on the horizon. As such, you should be prepared for it. This means getting your heat pump inspected and serviced to ensure it works when it is needed. If the heat pump is faulty, the technicians will swap out the affected parts with high-quality replacement pieces.

This guarantees that once the heat pump is fixed, you can have peace of mind knowing you can rely on your pump. In addition, since the company does not cut corners, you can always be sure you receive the best possible services.

We pride ourselves on the transparency we offer regarding our pricing. This should eliminate most of the anxiety clients would feel when dealing with a tradesperson of a field they are not familiar with.

We offer tune-up and maintenance services that you can rely on to ensure the system is in the best position and prevent an untimely malfunction. Moreover, our technical expertise allows the team to be very efficient with time, guaranteeing that the job will take no longer than it needs to.
To prevent a potentially dangerous and expensive heater pump breakdown, you should look out for the following warning signals:


  • The heater emits a strange odor. When you smell a dusty burnt smell when you turn on the heater, this is an indication the pipes are clogged up. Get a technician’s help to unclog the pipes and lengthen your system’s lifespan.
  • The heater has gone for several years without inspection. Upon inspecting each year, you are bound to find a problem in the making. Regular inspections should rectify the problems before they become more expensive.
  • The heater only pumps out air periodically.
  • The heater is heating up abnormally and cannot maintain a set temperature.

It is generally recommended to have your heater inspected every six months if you're a power user or when your heater is acting up. Having your heater inspected in late spring/ early autumn is prudent in order to avoid major breakdowns for the general population. As a rule of thumb, heater pumps should be inspected annually.


Need Your Heat Pump Fixed or Installed? Call Our Nearby Experts!

All heaters, despite their age, will eventually break down. Heaters failing unexpectedly could be devastating to the needs of your family or business. Here is where we come in. Contact us to inspect and perform regular maintenance on your heater to avoid sudden breakdowns.

We have earned a lot of goodwill from our integrity and high-quality work, as evidenced by our five-star rating on multiple publications. So contact us today to get your heater fixed as you join our many five-star clients.